Celebrating Easter in Noosa and the Hinterland

As we near Easter, Noosa and its countryside invite travellers in search of a mix of coastal allure and peaceful rural surroundings. Noosa and the surrounding countryside provide a range of activities from relaxing by the beach to exploring the hinterland. Whether you seek family dining options or immersive nature getaways spending Easter in Noosa and its Hinterland guarantees something for every visitor.

Family-Friendly Dining Experience

Noosas dining culture warmly welcomes families providing a range of choices to satisfy both tastes and young food enthusiasts. Local restaurants frequently emphasise ingredients and unique dishes creating menus that celebrate the produce from the area. In the Easter season numerous dining establishments offer menus with an array of seafood locally sourced fruits and vegetables and decadent sweets allowing families to enjoy the seasonal flavors together.

Hinterland Escapes and Nature Retreats

Escape the bustling areas. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Noosas hinterland. Explore the rainforests, gentle rolling hills and stunning waterfalls offering endless opportunities, for hiking, birdwatching and capturing the beauty of nature through photography. Discover the villages of Montville, Maleny and Eumundi known for their shops, art galleries and vibrant markets. Perfect, for leisurely walks and uncovering artisanal treasures. Take drives through the hinterland to uncover breathtaking viewpoints and hidden gems that will leave you in awe.


Bustling Markets and Food Trails

Easter is a fantastic time for families to check out Noosa’s bustling markets! You can taste delicious artisanal foods, meet local producers, and pick up fresh ingredients for a special holiday meal. Whether you visit the iconic Eumundi Markets or the Noosa Farmers Market, you’ll find a wide range of gourmet treats like artisan cheeses, freshly baked bread, handcrafted chocolates, and organic produce. Don’t miss exploring Noosa’s famous food trails too, where you’ll discover hidden culinary gems and delightful snacks along the way. It’s sure to be a tasty adventure for everyone!

Leisurely Picnics in Natural Landscapes

For a one-of-a-kind Easter dining adventure, families can pack a picnic and explore Noosa’s beautiful natural settings! Imagine dining surrounded by stunning scenery and wildlife. Whether it’s a beachside picnic with views of the Pacific Ocean or a picnic in the lush hinterland with towering trees and waterfalls, the choices are endless. Enjoy homemade sandwiches, gourmet snacks, and sweet treats while soaking up the beauty around you and making unforgettable memories together.



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